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the sense of time catching up with me
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This is my new favorite thing in the history of life

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my favourite… :D

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Ce soir, mardi 15 avril, D8 diffuse LE REGNE DU FEU.

Voici 10 raisons de le regarder.

1. Des dragons…


2. Dans le futur…




3. Qui ont décimé l’humanité…


4. Avec Mathew McConaughey chauve…



5. Et Mathew McConaughey chauve avec une arbalète…


6. Et même…

after this post:
me:  but it still reminded me to calm my inner John Green, which is not a thing I have and I can’t believe I just typed that
 my sister:  lawl
 me:  "calm down inner white male"
 my sister:  he’s in there somewhere
pokes around
 me:  "slow yer roll Subconscious Franzen"
I miss Franzen
he hasn’t said anything terrible and outrageous lately
  my sister:  Subconscious Franzen is a good phrase
 me:  he’s probably somewhere watching television in the evenings and running on the beach and writing a new story about white people in their late thirties
 my sister:  probably
 me:  "back the fuck off, internal David Foster Wallace"
Subconscious Franzen is the best though
  my sister it sounds like froyo
 me:  how many licks does it take to get to the center of Subconscious Franzen
 my sister all of them, but your tongue is numb by the time you reach it

FOOTNOTE: John Green is no Franzen or Foster Wallace, in the white male-itude of literature, but blah blah blah savior of YA etc 

Alfred Eisenstaedt’s photos of Howard University, 1946, for LIFE magazine.

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These fine, award-winning actors.


Just a thing to prove to my mom.

Please reblog if you’re a girl and you don’t shave your legs/arm pits, or you’re a girl who does shave her legs/arm pits, but doesn’t think any the less of others that do not or if you’re a guy who doesn’t care if a girl shaves or not.

If I get enough reblogs, I’ll show this to her, and maybe it will be enough to convince her to stop telling me to be ashamed of my body’s natural functions just because I’m a girl.

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MONKEYS in the ARCTIC?! whats next, vampires on the weekend?!

but imagine if there were dragons

you punks are all so daft

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